The Next Generation Flexible Face Mask
for the Treatment of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

An Anti-Aging Treatment For Your Entire Face… in just 10 minutes!

faceLITE USA is a clinically proven treatment used to increase skin hydration and firmness, while reducing signs of aging.  After just one session, your skin will feel plumper, more hydrated and  rejuvenated! Our LED Facial Mask is an easy to use, portable, non-invasive treatment, which requires no downtime.

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Pore Cleansing Oil by Roccoco Botanicals is the best oil cleanser for acne! It is an oil-based cleanser designed to prevent and dislodge clogged pores. Its rice linoleic acid-base replenishes the vital essential fatty acids in acne-prone skin.

Pore Cleansing Oil is an effective cleansing oil that is gentle enough on the skin and incredibly effective at removing pollution and debris.  It removes all types of make-up quickly, even the toughest waterproof makeup.   It effortlessly dissolves makeup without stripping the skin of its natural moisture, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable without a greasy residue.

Pore Cleansing Oil is designed to have the correct ratio of polar and non-polar lipids to clean the skin effectively, whilst maintaining hydration in the skin. It keeps your skin perfectly balanced with the right amount of hydration for beautiful glowing skin.